I Gallagher Thine Pumpkin

Hello Romeos and Fooliettas!

Our busy days are winding down; like autumnal mammals we move towards hibernatory months.

Our Eastern tour was a splendid excuse for leaf peeping; we musicians are exempt from tourist scorn, riding a happily thin line of business/pleasure travel. A big Thank-a-doodle-doo to ye who made the tour so rightsome!



S'time for Halloween shows Michifriends! Come see us w/ Olivia Mainville and Tatiana Crespo Oct 29-31st in Grand Rapids, New Hollands, and Traverse City. Details on ze Tour Page!

After the holidays are closed we'll be back on the road on down to Florida and etc, snowbird style. Keep one eye peeled (ew) for updates! Love and whatever!

yrs Trruuuuuuuuliest,
Brandon Worder
& The Appleseed Collective

It's almost time for...

The Ark!

Ann Arbor! We can't wait to see you again. It's been a long jaunt of touring but we're not far from another big hometown show at The Ark, October 1st with Who Hit John?. You can get your tickets here now.

If you can't make it to Ann Arbor, you might find us at multiple locations around Michigan in the next month including a few appearances in the UP and our last Michigan festival of the season, Fountain Point Festival in Lake Leelanau! Grab your tickets here.

Since our last newsletter we've played at an old-school amusement park, rocked Royal Oak at Arts Beats and Eats, set the mood with a couch surfing house show in Richmond VA, drank moonshine in the redneck paradise known as Gatlinburg TN, and pulled out all the stops for a rollicking weekend at the world-famous Bristol Rhythm and Roots Reunion.

photo 1.JPG

What did Eric see in that viewmaster? 

photo 3.JPG

Camden Park, WV

photo 2-3.JPG

Vernon welcomes you.


In the coming month we'll be all over Michigan, before heading back out for a couple weeks on the east coast. The end of October (Oct. 29-31) we'll be putting on a weird string of collaborative Halloween shows with our dear friend Olivia Mainville. Come out for a truly unique Halloween experience!


CONGRATULATIONS on reaching the end of the end of this bloggy experience. If you just can't get enough of us, check out this article about our upcoming Ark Show by Jeff Milo of the ECurrent! 

This message will now self-destruct.

with love,
Brandon Worder-Smith
& The Appleseed Collective


From West, Sweep East

Greetings from Colorado!

We are so high right now.

9,375 feet above sea level to be exact.

It is semi-heavy hearts that we will leave Colorado tomorrow; what a wonderful couple of weeks we've spent getting lost in the mountains. On the other hand, Everywhere Else is pretty cool too. And it looks like that's where we're about to be. Wichita, Chicago, Kalamazoo(ish), Detroit, it won't be long!

We have goofed, we have spoofed, we have shambled through early mornings and charged headlong into late nights. We have slept some, and played lots.



Vince might need a nap?


Eric Dawe just goes hard

We're happy to be headed back east towards MICHIGAN! and will soon be exploring the east coast.  Check out our Tour page for more info on where we're about to be!

Until next time,

Brandon Worder & TAC


Yacht life

Greetings From Our Yacht

Life Aboard A Luxury Liner

Hey Guys! Ever since we got rich and famous we've pretty much just been hanging out on our yacht listening to Steely Dan and high-fiving a lot.

Just kidding!

We don't actually high-five that much.

We just strike this pose.


In the more widely accepted version of our recent past we zipped up and down the East Coast, played a blazing run of packed shows in Michigan's upper hand (the UP) (and LP) and opened the Bell's Beer Garden to a sold out house with Greensky Bluegrass.

It feels great to be back in Michigan!

Last night we crashed a little hometown Ark show with our friends The Accidentals and Abbie Stauffer. Check out this video of us rehearsing a surprise cover of Joshua Davis's Fool Rooster in the green room! 


This Friday, June 12th at 830pm we'll be opening up the Ann Arbor Summer Fest. It's our third time and we all know the third time's the charm! So come be charmed.

The next morning we fly out to Colorado for the Palisade Bluegrass and Roots Festival. It sure is hectic being a rockstar but we've got a yacht mortgage to pay.

Speaking of yachts, a woman in Naples FL at the Seventh Ave Social Club told us she wanted to hire us for a yacht party. If you are that woman, or you know that woman, or you want to be that woman, or you are a a man with a yacht, please contact us!

Us on a sweet yacht that we were totally on.

Us on a sweet yacht that we were totally on.


That's all for now.
As always, check out the Tour page to find out when we'll be near by!

Toodles friends!

-Brandon Worder 


Live At The Ark

Our New Album drops soon!

This month brings some big changes to the band.

We're all pregnant. Oh wait, no, that's soap operas...

In real life, we'll be playing The Ark December 4 (got your tickets yet?) and releasing our new album, Live At The Arkwhich you can pick up at the show or preorder right now to be shipped December 8th. (just in time for Christmas, eh? eh eh? eh?wink wink)


Secondly, as you might have heard from our recent facebook posts, Katie Lee will be leaving the band as of December. She's off to pursue her own musical journey in New York. That's right, our little Appleseed is goin on to the Big Apple! You can follow her exploits here.

Let's all wish her the best of luck!

Here's where you can catch us for the rest of December + a few, with tons of brand new material in tow!

December 4 - The Ark, Ann Arbor MI wsg Anna Ash
December 18 - Founders, Grand Rapids MI
December 19 - The Loft, Lansing MI
December 20 - New Holland Brewing Co, Holland MI
December 30 - WNMC House Concert, Traverse City MI
December 31 - Shorts Brewing Co, Bellaire MI
January 3 - Miami & Erie Bar, Defiance OH
January 4 - MOTR, Cincinnati OH
January 5 - Barley's, Knoxville TN

and then FLORIDA! More dates coming soon.. as always you can stay up to date on our website and we look forward to seeing you again soon! 

I'll leave you with a little video from Live At The Ark:


Brandon Smith
& The Appleseed Collective

Home is where The Ark is

Oh My Lord

We are home.

Like really home.

Big news below. But first-

The last 3 months have been a continual whirlwind of a few days home and then a few weeks out. It has been inspiring, tiring, amazing, and a little insane. We've put well over 10,000 miles behind us. We're endlessly grateful to all the folks who came out to see us, let us sleep on their floors and couches, bought an album or a t-shirt, and basically made our lives and music possible. THANK YOU! (Tis the season, after all)

Also a big thank you to the Saint Frances of Rome, the patron saint of safe driving (really!) for a relatively easy couple hundred hours in the van. 

   Brandon and Andrew receive goodies from Davey of the Brinery before Oct. Tour #backinbed

   Brandon and Andrew receive goodies from Davey of the Brinery before Oct. Tour #backinbed

The boys cook a mean breakfast

The boys cook a mean breakfast

And Now For A Big Exciting Announcement!

We'll be playing our favorite venue in the whole world, The Ark in Ann Arbor MI on December 4th, 2014. Wahoo! Go get your tickets right here right now! If all goes according to plan, that night we'll be releasing a live album recorded at The Ark last April. Like I said, you can grab your tickets right here!

Here's the last track off the impending live album- a little Sweet Georgia Brown for ya!

On With November!

Here we go. So here we go. Here's where we're going. Here's where you can catch us in November:

Thursday Nov 6th - The Foundry Hall, South Haven MI
Friday Nov 7th - Maxine's Restaurant, Michigan City IN
Saturday Nov 8th - Hunter's Ale House, Mt. Pleasant MI
Thursday Nov 13th - Bell's Brewery wsg Trout Steak Revival, Kalamazoo MI
Friday Nov 14th - The Livery, Benton Harbor MI
Saturday Nov 15th - The Music Box, Cleveland OH
Tuesday Nov 18th - Red Line Tap, Chicago IL
Wednesday Nov 19th - The Bridge, Columbus MO
Thursday Nov 20th - Knuckleheads, Kansas City MO
Friday Nov 21st - Manhattan Arts Center - Manhattan KS
Saturday Nov 22nd - The Palms Bar & Grill, Maryville MO

That's all for now folks.
Much love to all our family 'round the world! 


Brandon Worder & The Appleseed Collective

Westward Bound

We depart Thursday, July 24 for the first leg of our summer touring. Join us:

July 24: Sonic Lunch, Ann Arbor, MI, 12:00 PM
July 25: Auntie Mae's, Manhattan, KS, 9:00 PM
July 26: Oskar Blues, Lyons, CO, 8:00 PM
July 27: Carbondale Mountain Fair, Carbondale, CO, 4:00 PM
July 27: Mountain Fair After Party @ Steve's Guitars, Carbondale, CO, 8:30 PM
July 29: Lion's Lair, Denver, CO, 9:00 PM
July 30: Gold Hill Inn, Boulder, CO, 8:00 PM
July 31: Wildwood Sounds House Concerts, Del Norte, CO, 7:00 PM
August 1: Aztec Theater, Aztec, NM, 8:00 PM
August 2: Dolores River Brewery, Dolores, CO, 8:00 PM
August 3: Cowgirl BBQ, Santa Fe, NM, 12:00 PM
August 3: Low Spirits, Albuquerque, NM, 8:00 PM
August 5: Botanica, Wichita, KS, 5:30 PM
August 7: City Winery, Chicago, IL, 8:00 PM
August 9: Mitten Bar, Ludington, MI, 9:00 PM


All dates available on our tour page.

Our Hometown Return: The Ark on April 19!

We arrived back home from tour yesterday around 7 AM! It was an easy trip back from Cincinnati, our last stop on the road. We had a wonderful time and are eager for our next adventure. Thank you so much to everyone who came to join us at a show! We'll be out west again this summer, and we can't wait. 

Before we leave again, though, we are ecstatic to be returning to one of our favorite places in the country: The Ark. We'll be performing on SATURDAY APRIL 19 and sharing the stage with our handsome and talented friends Bennett (Grand Rapids, MI).

We'll also be recording a live album and capturing video footage! So this is your chance to be part of the magic--you, too, can be immortalized on tape with us. It's going to be an incredible night and we can't wait to share new music and stories with you.

Join us on Facebook and tell your friends you're going: https://www.facebook.com/events/649570308412676/

Purchase advance tickets here: http://theark.org/3832.html

It's Official...

We are proud to announce that we are now officially part of the Prater Day roster! We are so excited to work with Virginia and her team. Their passion is inspiring and immediately drew us in. You'll be sure to see some changes in our tour schedule with Virginia at the wheel, and we'll be bringing even more new music to the table. This is just the first of many exciting happenings for The Appleseed Collective this year. Stay tuned! 


The Ann Arbor Folk Festival



What an incredible weekend. We spent Friday night opening The 37th Ann Arbor Folk Festival, alongside Iron & Wine, Pearl & The Beard, Thao & The Get Down Stay Down, and more. The sound of 3500 people clapping is something we could certainly get used to. It was amazing to share a stage with all of those talented and kind folks. We're looking forward to seeing Seth Walker when we get to New Orleans on our upcoming tour, and hope to visit Pigpen Theatre Co. in New York some day. 

We made so many new friends, with whom we shared laughs and tender moments as we all reveled in the glory of music. We watched our friends The Crane Wives let loose their folky power and joined Patty Griffin on Saturday night with the rest of the evening's artists for a singalong version of "On Top of Old Smokey." All in all, it was a fairly life-changing experience..one we'll certainly cherish for years to come. So here's to friends, music, and more shows like that! Thank you so much, Ann Arbor. We love you.

Come join us once we return from tour on APRIL 19 at The Ark! Until then...

Ebird Holiday Show Dec 13, 15

Have the overproduced pop-christmas anthems at the mall gotten you down? Are you sick of child choir after child choir chirping the same holly jolly repeats? Well we've got just the thing to brighten your holiday spirits! Katie and Brandon will both be performing as part of the Ebird & Friends Holiday Show this year, at the Ark on December 13th and with two special performances at the Hartland Music Hall on December 15th. Members of the Ragbirds and Macpodz will also be on hand, and tons of your favorite Ann Arbor musicians will be padding the roster. Tickets are going fast, so be sure to click the links if you haven't already! Happy Holidays!

The Appleseed Collective Officially Joins Earthwork Music To Release "Young Love"

Pre-Order Young Love  now!

Pre-Order Young Love  now!

We are proud to announce that our new album Young Love  will be nationally released on January 21, 2014! We are even more excited and honored to announce that we will be releasing this new album as an official artist of Earthwork Music!

We have looked up to Earthwork musicians like Seth & May, Joshua Davis, Breathe Owl Breathe, and more for years now. We are so excited to officially join hands to perpetuate the goals of love and community that Earthwork so wonderfully develops all over the great state of Michigan.

For Earthwork's official announcement, click HERE

Both our first album Baby to Beast  and our new album Young Love  (January 21, 2014) will be part of the Earthwork Music catalog and soon available in the Earthwork Store.

For now, you can pre-order Young Love  on CD or VINYL on our website, HERE

We'll be debuting the album for the first time at the Ann Arbor Folk Festival on January 31, 2014. Tickets on sale to the public on December 2 at findyourfolk.org

Beats Per Minute Review

 Check out the Beats Per Minute review of the first single from our new album Young Love  (January 21, 2014). 

"For our first glimpse of Young Love, the band has chosen to lead with “The Inability To Feel,” which carefully unspools threads of banjo and acoustic guitar to create beautifully skeletal melodies that wind themselves around singer Andrew Brown’s whiskey-soaked vocals.  The song feels drenched in the lore of dark southern nights and desperate ends." 

Read the full review here

Ann Arbor Folk Festival Lineup Announced

The lineup for the 37th annual Ann Arbor Folk Festival has just been announced! We're honored and excited to share with you that we'll be performing on Friday, January 31, 2014 alongside the likes of Iron & Wine, Neko Case, Pearl & The Beard, and more!

Our fellow Michigan band The Crane Wives will be playing on Saturday, with folks like Jeff Daniels and Ingrid Michaelson. 

You can read more about the announcement here. Tickets are on sale to the public on December 2nd, here.